Year-to-year, weather, prices, and market impacts are all unpredictable. Let us help you protect your business and livelihood with products that will meet your agricultural risk management needs. Agri-Prairie offers crop insurance coverages through Rain and Hail, NAU Country, and Crop Risk Services.


Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is federally subsidized protection from numerous causes of loss, including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, disease and more. Several MPCI products and endorsements are available for a variety of crops.

There are two basic types of MPCI for your farm:

  • Crop-yield insurance covers excess loss to your crops due to natural disasters such as drought or flood and perils like insects or disease.
  • Crop-revenue insurance covers negative changes in the price of a crop that occurs during the crop’s growing season.



Crop-Hail coverage protects crops from the uncertainty and colossal damage that hail can cause. Hail coverage can be strengthened even further with several Crop-Hail endorsements. Hail rates are typically released each spring. Do not wait to add coverage. If damage occurs from an early storm, coverage CANNOT be attached. Hail binders do not start until they are received by the company, not from the time you call. Most of our hail companies offer a 2-hour binding time.   

Important Dates

March 15th - Sales Closing for spring crops. Contact us to make changes to existing coverage or signup for new coverage. 
*If you did not seed any winter wheat, you can still make changes to your wheat in the spring.

July 15th - Acreage Reporting for Spring Crops

August 15 - Premium Billing Date
 (Interest won't attach until October 2)

September 30
 -Sales Closing for forage and winter wheat. Call us to make changes to your coverage for fall planting.  

October 31
 - End of insurance period.  Deadline to report a loss.

November 15
 - Production and Acreage Reporting